Sports & Activewear

Stretchline is a market leader in the manufacture of
innovative, branded performance narrow fabrics for
sports and active wear.

Comfort, performance and efficiency.

With unique technologies like BondelastStay4Sure and Fit-J, an elasticated fabric that maintains the perfect fit regardless of size, we’ve achieved comfort and performance for the wearer, and production efficiency and cost-savings for the manufacturer.

We create thin, durable fabrics that give seam-free support and incredible strength whatever the activity. They retain their stretchable properties and aid performance. A garment bonded with Bondelast can withstand speeds of 1,357 km/h through space!

All our raw materials, from nylon, polyester and recycled yarns to synthetic elastomers and dye stuffs are Oeko-Tex certified at the highest level and guaranteed to be free of harmful substances. We use lean manufacturing processes to transform them into narrow fabric and covered elastomeric yarn in the most efficient and cost effective way.

And we’re continually researching better, stronger, thinner fabrics for manufacturers of sports and active wear. We supply products throughout Europe for a variety of active wear applications.

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