We supply narrow fabric textile solutions, hook and
loop fasteners, elastic and webbing for a variety of
applications in manufacturing and industry.

We provide textile solutions designed with strength, safety and durability in mind.

Our narrow fabric solutions are used for a diverse range of applications within manufacturing and industry. We produce narrow fabrics that can be used in the production of tarpaulins, protective covers and insulation and cladding services, as well as straps and fabric assemblies within oil and gas installations. Our materials are also used for inspection portals and restraint systems.

Huge investment into research and innovation gives us the edge in narrow fabric manufacture. Elastics range from 3mm to 150mm width for use in every application and are subject to stringent testing and quality control.

All the raw materials we use, from nylon, polyester and recycled yarns to synthetic elastomers and dye stuffs are Oeko-Tex certified at the highest level and guaranteed to be free of harmful substances. Our processes are based on ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 requirements in terms of quality, environmental and health & safety standards.

We provide products that reduce cost and production times without compromising on strength, safety or quality for industry.

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