Woven Elastic

Woven elastic is heavier and firmer than knitted elastic, and
offers more support and control.


Fortitube is our puncture-resistant bra underwire casing. It’s comfortable against the skin, strong and machine washable.


Waistbands can be supplied either as a knitted or woven flat elastic and modified to suit the requirements of the garment.


Jacquard fabrics are used where a logo or intricate design is required. They offer more durable quality than traditional printing systems, although we can offer printed alternatives, if required. The design is incorporated into the knitting or weaving process to produce a permanent, durable effect.

Edge Bindings

We supply bindings and twills in cotton, polyester, nylon, polypropylene and core-ply spandex. They can be supplied in a range of colours and are used to create a finished edge on fabric.

Shoulder Strap & Lingerie

We produce plain & fancy edged elastics for manufacturers of underwear and lingerie garments. These can be dyed in our on-site dyehouse.

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