Smart & Wearable

Stretchline is a market leader in ‘enabling technology’
that makes smart textiles happen.

We provide both standard and bespoke conductive,
fully textile-compliant cables and fabric casing systems
designed to incorporate electronic devices within
garments, medical textiles and textile sensor applications.

Anti-static & EMS

A range of conductive narrow fabrics specially designed for static discharge and augmentation of EMS shielding solutions. They provide a textile connection between protected source and ground (earth).

Sensor Fabrics

A range of tailor made fabrics that provide conductive areas of knitted and woven textiles. These can act as pressure pads for switching, or conductive contacts for medical products.

Textile Casing Systems (for wires)

Derived from our patented Fortitube underwire casing, our narrow fabric textile conduit systems enable garments to accept retro-fitted cables and harnesses.

Conductive Pathways

Our range of conductive pathways, both conductive textile and flexible cable-based, allow continuous electrical or electronic currents to be input or output through material at a tailor made resistance. These are used for lighting, heating and charging applications.

Textile Data Cables

We manufacture 100% textile single and multi-channel conductive narrow fabrics for the reliable transmission of intermittent data – ideal for pulse switching, body monitoring and pressure sensing systems.

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