Hook & Loop

Used for a whole variety of applications,
both general and specialist, our hook and
loop fasteners come in a range of sizes,
widths, colours and strengths.

Sew-on hook and loop

Sew-on hook and loop has a huge variety of uses and can be used instead of buttons, zips and poppers. We supply it on tape in a range of colours and widths.

Adhesive-backed hook and loop

Backed with a super strong rubber-based adhesive, this is ideal for smooth indoor surfaces.

Adhesive-backed hook and loop dots and squares

We supply circular or square hook and loop fasteners already paired on adhesive-backed tape – perfect for the print and display industries.

Fire-retardant hook and loop

Available in sew-on or adhesive-backed, this is a general purpose hook and loop that meets industry fire-retardant standard CAA 25.853.

Weldable hook and loop

Our weldable hook and loop tape can be used with a high frequency welding machine to give seamless joints and exceptional fastening qualities.

Mushroom hook and loop

Designed for infrequent opening and closing, mushroom hook and loop is a really strong low profile fastening system.

Back-to-back hook and loop

With hooks on one side and a loop on the other, back-to-back hook and loop is strong and reusable. Great for organising cables and wires.

Plastic moulded hook systems

Plastic hook systems are waterproof – used with a low profile loop system, they give a less obtrusive, flatter closure.

Elasticated Loop

Used predominantly for specialist applications in the sports and medical industries, the elasticated loop is stretchable and strong.

Velour Loop

Our polyamide velour fastening systems come in a range of weights for different applications. They’re back-coated for the highest level of stability.

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