Elastomeric yarns

Elastomeric yarns have excellent stretch and recovery properties.
Polyester or nylon coverings are applied to rubber or synthetic
elastomers and used to make bandages, hosiery, industrial fabrics
and elasticated webbing, tapes and trims.

We can supply elastomeric yarns in natural Ecru, or a variety of
colours, on beam, cone or in a pack. All our yarns are rigorously
tested to make sure they meet specifications and comply with

Shirring Elastic Thread

Shirring elastic is used by clothes makers to create a smocking effect. We can supply it in a variety of colours.

Double Covered Yarn

Spandex or latex thread is covered with two layers of nylon or polyester. It’s commonly used for gloves, socks and medical fabrics.

Single Covered Yarn

Single covered yarn is light and resilient – fabric made from single covered yarn is neat, flat and crease-resistant. It’s commonly used for waistband elastic in ladies’ hosiery.

Air Intermingled Yarns

Air intermingling is a specialised and economical process that uses compressed air to bind filaments together, giving either a smooth or a textured yarn. We supply air intermingled yarns predominantly to hosiery manufacturers and the circular knit sector.

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