Out in front for innovation

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With three manufacturing sites in Wiltshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire, we have a history and a culture of innovating in narrow fabrics for both performance and technology.

Supporting technology

This is evidenced by our investment into ‘smart’ or e-textiles. Smart fabrics have the ability to do things that traditional fabrics can’t – for example, conduct energy or light.

It’s a growing area and we’re already a market leader in creating single and multi-channel conductive fabrics, sensor fabrics and casing systems that enable digital components or electronic devices to be embedded into garments and medical textiles.

Enhancing performance

Brands like Bondelast and Fit-J have also put us at the forefront of performance-enhancing fabrics which are used in a number of extreme sports as well as athletic and military applications.

  • Seam-free, highly elastic and exceptionally strong, Bondelast holds its own even when it’s breaking the sound barrier.
  • Fit-J is stable, flexible and ultra thin. It’s an elasticated narrow fabric that allows clothing to adapt to more than one body size, simplifying the production process and saving on manufacturing costs. It’s also highly sustainable and can easily be recycled.

And of course, for many years, we’ve been working with designers to anticipate market trends and introduce new products for manufacturers of hosiery, sportswear, leisure and outdoor products.

Innovations like these have seen us grow to become Europe’s largest manufacturer of narrow fabrics. We support numerous industries, from medical, leisure and industrial to marine, defence and law enforcement.

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