PPE Textiles

Textiles for the manufacturing of PPE and specialist medical equipment

With the need for PPE greater than the current supply, we’re putting all our resources into manufacturing the textiles needed for the production of PPE. As an NHS trusted supplier, we’re producing narrow elastics and velcro for use in the making of face masks, visors, scrubs, medical gowns, and more.

Elastics range from 3mm width to 150mm width and all are subject to thorough quality control and scientific testing. Our processes are based on ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 requirements in terms of quality, environmental and health & safety standards.

We’re supplying different elastics and narrow fabrics for different applications. All are latex-free to eradicate the risk of any allergic reactions due to latex intolerance. We work with manufacturers to produce and supply the safest and most cost-effective narrow fabrics to this vital industry.

All the raw materials we use are Oeko-Tex certified at the highest level and guaranteed to be free of harmful substances.

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