As lockdown eases, we’re open for business

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For the last few months, we’ve been working within government guidelines to manufacture thousands of metres of narrow elastics for medical applications. And we’re continuing to support the PPE effort with the production of latex-free visors, scrubs, gowns and masks for the NHS and hospitals around the UK.

As lockdown starts to ease and other industries begin to return to a kind of normality, the need to stay safe at work is an absolute priority. So currently, we’re also supplying fabrics for PPE to be used by local authorities in and around the community, and also by dentists, vets and the drivers and workers who service our public transport networks.

During the crisis, we’ve kept our supply levels high and our manufacturing units running

Early on, we put stringent safety measures in place to help us protect our staff and colleagues.

We put a stop to customer meetings and non-essential visits to our premises and we restricted travel for staff, even between Stretchline sites.

We also invested in PPE and sanitisers to keep our working areas clean and to enable us to safely handle deliveries of samples and textiles.

This has allowed us to stay safe and stay open

And we’re pleased to say that throughout the pandemic, we’ve continued to supply our existing customers with no break in production. 

As lockdown continues to ease and demand starts to increase again, we’re ready to manufacture and supply narrow fabrics and coating applications across a range of industries – from marine and industrial applications to defence and law enforcement.

Just like the fabrics required for PPE, safety and strength are vital requirements for many of the industries we work with. We have a fully accredited quality control facility at our Wiltshire division and this is where we inspect and test each batch to make sure that every item leaving us meets our rigorous quality standards.

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