A Coronavirus update from Stretchline Europe.

Date: 19.03.20 | Category -

There’s no doubt that we’re all facing difficult and worrying times just at the moment.

We’re monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and taking advice from government, health organisations and our communities. We’re sure that we’ll be able to bridge this crisis and continue to support staff and customers throughout, but like all businesses in the UK and worldwide, we’ve had to take some important steps.

Our priority will always be to make sure that we can protect the health and safety of our colleagues, partners, clients and their wider families. And while things are changing daily, at the moment, we’re open and functioning as normal. Early on, we ensured that our stock levels were high so that we could keep fulfilling contracts for our customers with minimal disruption to the supply chain. 

However, we’ve put a number of precautions in place to help us reduce the risk of any of our staff or customers contracting and transmitting the COVID-19 virus:

  • We’ve cancelled all forthcoming trade shows and exhibitions, even if they were taking place within the UK.
  • Unnecessary travel and non-essential customer meetings are off the agenda for the foreseeable future. We’ve also stopped all non-essential visits to any of our premises.
  • We’ve introduced a company-wide policy that prohibits staff members from visiting other Stretchline sites unless it’s absolutely essential. 
  • All members of staff dealing with samples or textiles from affected countries are wearing disposable gloves when handling those items. We’re disposing of outer packaging immediately and safely.
  • All drivers or visitors to any of our sites will stay at Reception and be asked to wash their hands thoroughly before entering any other part of the building. They’ll only be allowed to enter the building if it’s absolutely necessary and we’ve asked staff to be vigilant and to alert us immediately if they notice anyone other than a Stretchline employee on the premises. 
  • We have a large stock of hand gels and sanitisers and we’re regularly cleaning washrooms, door handles and surfaces. 

This doesn’t mean we won’t stay in touch

We’ll be in regular contact with our suppliers and customers by phone and email to keep them updated about their orders and the situation as a whole.

We’ll let you know if anything changes, but for now, we’re keeping calm and carrying on. We’re confident that we can all get through this unprecedented situation and stay safe.

If you have any questions about how we’re dealing with Coronavirus, don’t hesitate to call us on +44 1666 842100. 

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